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Refining papain "in situ" with fresh same-day collected papaya latex as raw material, required specific knowledge and experience which has been built up through the years.
Pumping, cooling, filtration and drying devices had to be assembled on well-determined sequences.
Continued control on material flow, pressure and temperature, were determinant for meeting the preset requirements on enzymatic activity and microbiology.

Production of ENZYMASE's refined papain is done at a remote location right in the middle of the papaya plantations, allowing for direct control and follow-up of the collecting and the agricultural aspects.
As per today, ENZYMASE is the only company involved in phytosanitary research in order to guarantee future yields and revenues to the papaya planters.
Effective programs are being developed with local authorities and agronomic institutions.
The constant scientific information exchange with the factory site in Africa makes this project a quite unique development example.

Continuous research on raw material components and on the finished product itself, is achieved on site in collaboration with Belgian and foreign universities.

Fundamental research has brought more new and surprising knowledge on the product. Fractionation at laboratory level, based on liquid chromatography and ion exchange techniques, allowed for deep knowledge on pure components but also on their limitations once applied. Some of this information has been shared with our customers sometimes based on joint research programs.

As per today we can say that there is still much more to be learned about the future possibilities of this miraculous protease.

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