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ENZYMASE's refined papain is a natural vegetable enzyme obtained from the mechanical filtration of freshly collected latex from Carica Papaya tree. The process which was originally patented around 1970 included several filtration steps under low temperatures with a final spray drying.

Several modifications were introduced through the years based on the evolution of separation and filtration techniques.

The papaya latex is collected by the farmers owning plantations located at the foot of the Ruwenzori Mountains, also called the Mountains of the Moon, west of the Uganda border. An ideal microclimate and a since many years dedicated population makes this region the best location on the planet for this labor-intensive job.

Severe quality control on incoming raw material with perfect identification on area of collection and preset acceptance limits, provide for best quality assurance.

A fully double circuit cooling system guarantees freshness right from the start of the process up to the final drying procedure.
Regular checks on several production parameters such as temperatures, flow rates, pressures, dry material content and protease activity are part of the full procedure.

The final spray-drying step (capacity of 150 l / hr evaporation) is followed by sieving and packaging.
Regular sampling and analysis on microbiology and protease activity are performed on site by experienced technicians based on internationally accepted test procedures.

Permanent exchanges between the remote production site and ENZYMASE allow for fast reporting, procurement and general information flow.

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