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 Social impact

Right from the start 30 years ago, it was clear that the "in situ" refining of the fresh latex would be a great way to contribute to the development of a new industry to a young country named Congo renamed Zaire in the 70's and as per today, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
Bringing state-of-the-art refining technology close to the people of the Kivu was, and still is today, a unique experience for those who participate in this project.
It allowed for schooling on specific filtration methods for many local employees but meant also the development of various other craftsmanship activities on installation, pumping and drying devices.

Keeping this remote refining unit functioning is a permanent challenge for all those involved.

Access by road for imported goods such as raw materials, fuel, equipment and spare parts is organized from Europe through Mombasa/Kenya for final transit over Uganda.
Urgent requirements are shipped by air via Entebbe Airport in a few days time.
ENZYMASE provides technical and logistical assistance in order to cope with this dependability.

Congolese agronomists and engineers, some of which with European University degrees, have taken managerial positions and are in full control of the high quality standards to be achieved.
Local training on specific technologies and on managerial skills, by expert technicians, makes this project a durable example of what a perfect North-South relation should be.

Transmission of knowledge is done on a "train the trainer" basis, perpetuating long term operationability focused on quality achievement.
Indeed, our worldwide "P1" customer base is to be found among the best food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies.

By this occasion, we take the opportunity to thank all our customers for the long ongoing relations they share with ENZYMASE based on the "in situ" refined papain "P1". We thank them also in the name of many thousands Congolese planters and employees.

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