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ENZYMASE INTERNATIONAL s.a. is well known for pioneering the production and distribution of "in situ" refined, high grade PAPAIN, obtained from the fresh latex of the edible fruit of the papaya tree (Carica Papaya L.).

Since 1972, date of its establishment, ENZYMASE, has remained, by far, the leading supplier of "in situ" refined papain based on an original patented refining method.

Furthermore, ENZYMASE actively participates in the development of knowledge closely connected to papain (basic research) and its present and future applications (technological research).
Therefore, the trade name ENZYMASE is not restricted to marketing but stands also for better knowledge and service to the industry.

ENZYMASE's offices are located in Brussels, the heart of Europe, offering considerable advantages in terms of logistics and worldwide distribution. It is also an ideal location for providing technical, scientific and financial back-up to the refining unit in Democratic Republic of Congo.

The privileged relations between Belgium and Congo are an important factor contributing to essential first-hand information on culture, production and marketing.

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